I just sailed to the ends of North America, the Aleutians Islands. This long chain of isles is as harsh as it is beautiful, dangerous as it is spectacular. Gems of green lined up in pristine waterways that reflect unspoiled wilderness in its glassy surface. This rugged coastline, shaped by ocean and volcanoes, serves both as playground and feeding grounds for brown bears and other native species.

Water defines life in these latitudes and there is plenty. Relentless rain bathes the forest providing not only nutrients for the majestic Sitka spruce but also feeding rivers and creeks for the salmon to complete their lifecycle. Here salmon is king, an essential lifeline for humans and wildlife that will never survive without its presence.

Out in the ocean small keys come out of nowhere. Millions of birds fight for nesting grounds, their calls piercing the calmness of this realm. Gulls and Murres dot the cliffs while Puffins glide like brushstrokes against the imposing blue of the ocean. The blows of the humpbacks overwhelm the bird’s symphony as these gentle giants glide in and out of the sea. Alaska is majestic, it is wilderness on steroids, it is remote and it is vastness difficult to comprehend.

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