In my 16 years of organizing and leading photography expeditions, none had presented a challenge like the one I just completed in the Uyuni Salt Flats and the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve in Bolivia. This unparalleled remoteness combined with the task of surviving for 20 days at 15,000 ft. made of this an adventure of a lifetime. This expedition was without a doubt a giant step into the unknown. Countless hours on rough and dusty roads through the Andes, backbone of the most ancient of continents, was our only access to this millenary land.

The challenges of life in the high desert are intense but well worth it. Lack of oxygen, dramatic fluctuations in temperature, from freezing to scorching hot, a relentless sun the burns through clothes and storms that will make the rivers un-crossable are few of the trials of surviving above the clouds. But, every one of these tests, are well worth it. There is no other place like this on the planet.

There is no way of describing the beauty of these vast expanses of brown. Glaciers of green grass flow from the most barren of lands, strings of dormant volcanoes robed in endless color adorn the horizon, lakes of red flourish as thousands of flamingoes paint the water with brushes of pink, endless meadows of Llamas come alive and mirrors of magnificence reflect the vastness of the sky. This is a timeless land where the sounds of ancient flutes and the whispers of Quechua reveal secrets of beauty and make you forget the hardships.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart this is trip for serious image seekers. We all have fallen to the pre-packed, comfy-filled, tourist-based “Photo trips” and in the process forgotten about exploration, inspiration and discovery, core strengths of creating new and amazing images.I am committed to the “Altiplano Boliviano”; the stage is set for 2019, March 1-10, join us.

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