“As the music fades and the smoke settles we all embark in search of new horizons that will enrich our creativity with the certainty of having lived a deeply spiritual and moving experience.”

I wrote this as the closing remark for my latest Visual Storytelling Workshop in Antigua, Guatemala.  Holy Week in La Antigua is a powerful and life-changing event.  For seven years, I have been working on my book, “The Brotherhoods of Time,” and every new season becomes more intense and inspirational for me.  This year’s highlight was to walk in procession for four hours with Father Fernando Ruiz, head priest of La Merced.  To witness the devotion of the people, the solemnity of the march and the ever-changing dawn light made for an unforgettable experience.

This is by far one of the most complex events to photograph and the one that requires the greatest amount of effort from students.  Extreme low light, moving subjects and the ever-present smoke make for one of the most difficult shooting environments a photographer might encounter.

I have to commend my students as they did an amazing job under those conditions; they worked long and hard (sometimes shooting from 3 in the morning until late night).  One of the most important parts of their learning experience was the critique sessions where we reviewed everyone’s photos, analyzed their content and placed them within each one’s individual story.  They also had the opportunity to select and critique my own images.

In the end, their class show was magnificent and they came together as a group who supported and applauded one another…no drama, pure art and fun.

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