Canadian Rockies, A Land of Splendor

Photographically speaking, the Canadian Rockies grow on you. One needs to understand, explore and discover their most intimate secrets, as they are not surrendered easily. In order to get stunning imagery, you need to develop a deep understanding of this environment, study the behavior of its fauna, and more important, try to predict the unpredictable: Its weather.

Forecasts in this region are worthless as changes occur second by second without warning requiring quick reaction and adaptation. To nail the shot, intuition is the name of the game.

A relentless snowstorm makes all the difference between a good and a superb image. That snow will cling to the trees for a couple of hours before melting and you must move fast as what is in front of you might be a once in a lifetime photograph. I call these rare opportunities “image-giving days”, moments when the gods of light smile on you. Twenty five hundred images resulting in ninety-six panoramas is a good indication of a successful day.

For the most part, on these days the sun is nowhere to be found. When is comes out our “mother star” becomes our enemy, it complicates things, no waterfall pictures, no movement imagery and tons of contrast to deal with.

Splendid creatures thrive in this realm: elks, moose, bears, big horn sheep and birds all providing a display of life and magnificence.

I only lead trips to places that are unique, locations that it doesn’t matter how many times you visit they will always surprise and inspire. The Rockies fit the bill, this is a land of magnificent and towering peaks, a place where unearthly reflections rule, a land of turquoise and majestic beauty.

Every time you step-up to a lakeshore you quickly learn to dream of reflections, every time you look to the heavens, mountains of black and white adorn empty spaces.

This was an amazing experience, a journey into a land of splendor. Whenever I embark on a photography experience it gets better; fine tuning the schedule, exploring new locations and acquiring an enhanced understanding of the land.

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