”House of the Spirits”

When I thought I had seen it all I was blessed with a trip to the Canaima National Park deep in jungle of Venezuela. This is the oldest part of our planet and home to the magnificent “Tepuis”, tabletop mountains that rise dramatically out of the jungle and the savanna.

Meaning “house of the gods” in the native tongue of the Pemon, the indigenous people who inhabit the Gran Sabana, Tepuis are literately islands floating in the sky. Who would have guessed that Avatar was not a fantasy.

In this ancient land, life is product of fairytales. Waterfalls emerge from the clouds in an endless show of beauty with Angel Falls at center stage surging from the heights of Auyan-tepui displaying its kilometer high veil of mist.

I spent a week living in the middle of nowhere, with no communication or contact with the outside world. Days went by shooting from outside a helicopter watching an ocean of green boil under my feet. Performing daring landings on the “tepuis” or rocky the rocky outcrops of the waterfalls added to the excitement.

Down in the jungle, rivers of amber pierce the vegetation while raging waters comb wavy strands of algae in an endless ballet of delicate strokes.

This land is beyond anyone’s imagination and no photograph can capture its essence. Energy emanates from every point and spirits inhabiting this realm for a trillion sunrises embrace you.

How could you possibly travel here and return the same person. This land will never leave your heart and will always fuel your imagination. As remote as it is I feel part of it and cant wait to travel again to the “House of the Spirits”.

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