Déjà vu. As I have done for the last 8 years, I am sitting in the Guatemala City airport, mid April, writing this note and reflecting about the week that just ended. Holy Week is experienced in all its magnificence in this land: the unconditional fervor that infuses into the procession and the world of respectful celebration that happens in the sidelines, two parallel universes that collide from time to time.

For the first time, I carried the “Anda” (float with the Holy images of Christ and Virgin Mary ) with Escuela de Cristo, one of the most important and recognized brotherhoods. This is an intense and humbling experience. It will be very hard to comprehend the full extent of this celebration without going through the process of carrying one of the floats and feeling its overwhelming weight as you slowly walk on uneven cobblestone streets.

Moving subjects, clouds of blinding incense and most of the images done at night under the faint light of candles or incense holders make of this, one of the most complex photographic situations you can ever encounter. Ghostly images appear out of the smoke in a plethora of ever moving silhouettes that vanish after a few seconds.

This year I had the privilege of shooting a couple of times with Steve McCurry and sharing some insights with him. Always humbling to share the streets with people that are passionate about this art.

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