First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to you all.

Hope 2017 brings you peace, prosperity and many blessings.

I always make a point of visiting the Everglades this time of year. The nice weather, abundance of wildlife, and, more importantly, the lack of mosquitoes, allow me to actually enjoy this harsh environment.

A couple of days ago I went in, but there was hardly any wildlife action.  So I decided to visit my favorite “alligator mom” as she always raises her young in the very same spot.

I have been photographing her offspring for at least 5 years. Once I got there, the little ones were out in full force playing around in the saw grass.

After a few shots, I headed out to Long Pine Key to shoot the sunset and take some “slow shutter speed” photos of the Slash Pine and Everglades Palm forest for my fine art collection. The panorama picture you see in this series is actually 60” x 20” composed of 5 single frames “panned” individually at exactly the same speed and then stitched together. Long Pine Key is where I shot the Milky Way image a month ago.

Next stop, Loop Road, where you will have guaranteed sightings of every creature in the swamp. The temperature was 59 degrees (polar temperature for Florida standards) and the crisp air was blowing in force. Every critter was out looking for that ray of sunlight to warm itself. Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets and Alligators all adorned this magnificent eco-system.

In a month or so, I will go back and try to find new images to round up my collection. The Everglades is probably the most challenging place to photograph, but be patient, look around, and you will always find something new.

Click HERE to view the entire gallery


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