Fall in the Coast of Maine

A plethora of pigments and magnificence, a color palette crafted by a higher being, a visually overwhelming landscape and a photographer’s paradise; there are many ways of describing fall in the Maine coast. This trip was not only an exploration of the most glorious season of the year, but of Maine’s marine history and heritage. Birthplace of American seamanship the coast is adorned with village after village full of history and countless photo opportunities. Lighthouses pierce into the thick fog guiding seafarers and image-makers back to port. This year Maine “glowed”, both stunning and mind blowing sights. Everywhere we looked color blinded us. But, fall doesn’t give pictures easily; photographing colorful trees is an easy task, achieving creative images is a different story. Here you have to fight for images, especially this year, where we had 90 MPH winds that made the ocean boil in a spectacular manner and some sunny and cloudless day, your worst enemy. Hope you enjoy my interpretation of 2019’s fall in the coast of Maine.

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