There is no doubt that the best time to photograph Iceland is during the winter. Now that is easier said than done. Operating during this time of year in these latitudes comes with a ton of challenges. For starters only four hours of sunlight are available, which makes you run from one location to another milking every second of that precious light. The sun hangs low in the horizon never coming up but a few degrees making it difficult to distinguish between sunrise and sunset. On top of that there is ice EVERYWHERE making the simple task of walking challenging. And obviously, there is that famous and unpredictable Icelandic weather, snow combined with high winds and the dropping wind chill makes the whole experience a lot of fun. But this is all well worth it as this island shines in the white.

The entire landscape blanketed in snow, waterfalls struggling to flow through giant icicles, lakes and rivers turned into runways of ice. Reflections abound and the most unusual shades of color appear out of nowhere. This is indeed a winter wonderland. Another 10 days exploring the “Realm of the Norse” come to an end, my third trip this year and my 10th trip to Iceland. I will never get tired or exploring and photographing “The Kingdom of White”.

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