ICELAND – Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity

After thirteen explorations of the land of “Ice and Fire”, it becomes kind of hard to shoot something different. Don’t misunderstand me; it is not about beautiful photos, as Iceland has plenty of them in its pocket. It is about how to shoot a subject, which you know well, in a different and creative way. I am allergic to “post card” images as they are easy to shoot and most of the time requires no effort on the part of the photographer.

On this trip I never held back, took huge risks, explored all possibilities that I was presented with, re-learned to shoot and for sure pushed my boundaries of creativity.

Flowing with weather, turning it into collaboration between artist and nature was a big part on the conception of the images. No matter how bad, I never let conditions deter me. I am well aware that most of the time, the worst the weather the better the images.

For me it became a true exercise on perseverance, on looking hard and not willing to leave before I was sure I had a shot. Many time upon returning to the bus it was great to hear “did you get the perfect shot?” I know I don’t, and that makes me push harder, work harder, think harder, at the end and the most important part; enjoy the process.

Over 50 photo ops between schedule shoots and opportunity stops, milking every one of them, making sure that I learned new things and extracted the most of this mystical land made for another EXTRAORDINARY exploration of the “Kingdom of the Norse”

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