Untamed Weather, Untamed Wilderness

Rain, fog, cold, 10 ft. waves and 60 mph winds are some of the few things you have to endure while shooting in Iceland. Sounds crazy but trust me, that is exactly what you want to get that dramatic landscape imagery. Think of this, if the sun comes out you need to deal with harsh contrasts, movement pictures are all but gone and probably there will be no clouds in the sky. In retrospective, there is no such thing as bad weather in Iceland; there are only wrong attitudes. If you adapt and enjoy the rain and the wind, all will be cool.

I have been to Iceland 9 times and every time it has been different, I am always met with surprises and discoveries, as no place here looks the same twice. This is a land of endless photographic opportunities where you will never get bored.

Iceland in the fall is about dramatic skies, deep shades of yellow and relentless squalls, but more important; it is “aurora time”. On this trip we were fortunate enough to see them twice. So many things have to line up to be able to see the lights: moonless and cloudless night, be in a place away from light contamination, and more important a good strong solar storm. The “lights” are elusive, but phenomenal to look at.

This ground is unreal and unbelievable, the might of the forces of nature and their magnitude in the shaping of this land create one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. Iceland is by definition one of the largest untamed wildernesses in Europe and one I intend to explore for years to come

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