I have to confess that before embarking into my twelfth trip to Iceland I was a little reluctant to go. After 12 times, one has to wonder what else is there to photograph, especially when you have been there during every season, every kind of weather and seen it from every vantage point; water, air and land.

Over the years I have learned that Iceland will constantly surprise you, no mater how many times you have gone to the same waterfall, beach or glacier, it will always be different and spectacular. Weather is the name of the game on the biggest volcanic island on the planet.  And as stated before, it will change in a mater of minutes, keeping you on guard at all times. This is a place that you must look at the forecast several times a day before hitting a location.

I do one or two trips a year to the icy domain and during these years I have been trying to pinpoint what is the best week to shoot, what is the perfect mix between fall and winter. Too early in the fall and you might have too much rain, too late and daylight only lasts 4 hrs. For me, this latest trip, ranks among the top three and I will say number one when it comes to how the weather behaved.

We had the perfect photographic weather for each location.  Cloudy for the beaches on the west, snowy for the waterfalls in the north, spectacular sunrises while travelling through the east fiords and windy while in the south coast where you need those dramatic waves.  Even the skies opened up the one and only night when the aurora was out in force over the Budir Black Church. Temperature was perfect, cold enough to hit the glaciers, walk on them and safely explore a couple of ice caves, but not freezing cold. My beloved winds blew 60 mph at times; it wouldn’t be Iceland without them.

Iceland will never stop amazing me; it is without a doubt an unlimited source of inspiration and nourishment for the soul. Once more, BRAVO to my favorite country in the world.

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