The Olympic National Park in Washington State is one of the most diverse parks in the nation. The fact that it has three distinct and vastly different eco-systems makes it a prime location for photography. Mountains, rainforest and spectacular seashore working in unison to create an unearthly nature spectacle.

Dominating the heart of the peninsula are the Olympic Mountains. Easily reached by Hurricane Ridge, you travel among clouds to find distant mountains painted in layers of soft pastel colors. Down below, the early morning fog blankets the coast. Black-tail deer provide the perfect prop to the magnificent landscape evolving a mile high. Wildflowers paint meadows of color, Foxgloves and Daisies standing tall. This is wilderness that provides nourishment for the soul.

The weather is unpredictable and you are 100% dependent on nature’s whims. Near the coast, constant rains have created cathedrals of green. Rainforests filled with trees of unlimited wisdom. The HOH forest is home to the Hall of Mosses where Cattail Moss hangs from gigantic trees like ragged carpets of green. Trees here are like eerie creatures guarding this sacred ground.

At the Sol Duc Forest, the path to the falls is shielded by giant groves of Sitka Spruce. In this realm you will experience the quietest of all quiets and the solitude of all solitudes. Every step has a purpose, every corner a lesson in evolution, every path decorated by scores of wildflowers.

On the southern tip is Quinault Forest where moss-encrusted Big Leaf Maples glow amongst thousands of fern that thrive on the wet floor. This forest breathes, listens and answers. Salmonberries provide food for Roosevelt Elks and humans alike. A drive around the lake is a journey of discovery as this magnificent evolves in every turn.

The coast is lined with centuries-old logs, giant toothpicks tossed around by ocean’s rage. At low tide, reflections of earth and sky are projected into the sea-soaked sand. Pools provide a micro ecosystem filled with ocean’s riches. Places like Ruby, Rialto and Second Beach provide a front row seat to the beginning and end of each day.

This is nature at its best, a show off of color and drama, a visual extravaganza for the heart and soul.

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