Madagascar is an isle of marvels, an oasis of oddities and a paradise of the eccentric- the Kingdom of the Baobab and Realm of the Lemur, a place of experiments in life and survival, a crucible of everything that is amazing.  The oldest island on the planet with 88 million trips around the sun.  A hot spot of such extreme biodiversity that 80% of the living organisms found here are unique to this place.  The home of the smallest primate and reptile.

Madagascar never lets go of its identity. Although it’s one of the poorest countries on the planet, I awoke to a sea of smiles in every village visited. The timeless faces and children who still play in the sea were reminders of enduring human values. As I leave, the iconic sight of the lonely pirogue floating in the vastness of an endless blue ocean and the sound of countless welcoming “salamas” will be sorely missed.

Sailing north we reach Aldabra, the second biggest atoll on the planet. The turquoise waters are blinding, a palette of colors seldom seen. On the beach, an army of tortoise parade to greet me as the sky is filled with welcoming Boobies performing acrobatic displays, a choreography of natures’ wonders.

This was a journey to a far and remote corner of our planet, a primitive realm full of mythical creatures and hard to reach dreams. A place I will definitively migrate back to.

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