Season 10 of Day of the Dead just finished. Heading home and already missing the craziness and beauty of this celebration. It’s painful to leave friends and “adopted” families, that in retrospective, I have come to love by spending an hour and a half a year with them.

As expected the graveyards glowed with the light of a thousand candles, the comparsas embraced us with their frantic dances and strident tunes and families opened their marigold-laden altars for our enjoyment. The sweet smell of “copal” and the trance-inducing mezcal made us soar in the realm of the spirits.

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  • Lynne Schafer says:

    I thought your images were fabulous and would love to emulate the way you lit them, which all looked so natural and unassuming. I am very interested in your workshops, as well, as you come highly recommended.

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