Not many times I can experience the thrill of a maiden voyage followed by the excitement of undiscovered moments. By the same token, not many corners of the planet have not been invaded by herds of unruly tourists. Well, much to my surprise, Romania rose to the occasion and amazed me in every sense of the word.

Quaint and peaceful villages have not succumbed to the relentless rhythm of time or pressures of a modern world.  In the highlands out-of-fairy -tales fields are covered in lush and vibrant greenery littered with impaled hay fortresses.

This realm has not aged and retains the air of medieval times. There is a simplicity and masterful execution of rural life, here veneration and respect for a land that feeds bodies and souls prevails. “We are not farmers we are peasants”, once was I told, maybe a cry for help or a hymn of proudness for their daily existence.

Romanians have risen above the hardships of a brutal and unforgiving past and somehow remained humble and graceful. The tapestry of ageless faces bear witness to the “eternity” of this land. Everywhere I went I felt welcome, a guest not a foreigner, a storyteller not a photographer.

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