I had been only but once in the Canadian Rockies during my scout trip in preparation for running photography trips in this location. Back then, white was king. Not a hint of color, not a reflection, just a veil of nothingness hiding the landscape.

So, my two-week journey into the Canadian wilderness became one of the sweetest surprises of my life. A land where lakes and rivers flow with turquoise blood and aspen canvases wait for the unlimited brushstrokes of my panning camera.

Sunrises are always a surprise, with Moraine and Louise displaying the pinks of dawn in their unearthly mirrors. At sunset, veins of silver nourished Medicine Lake and illuminated the valley with golden auras of glow. Every lake here has a story and a strategic place in the majestic layout of this land, all filled with turquoise tears of bygone glaciers. Bow, Vermillion and Pyramid, masters of reflections and unaltered self-imagery.

Rivers and mountains can only lead to one feature and one feature only, waterfalls. Places like Sunwapta, which in the native tongue means “turbulent river”, Kicking Horse and Athabasca adorn the landscape with flows of wavy white against the towering guardians of these sacred waters. Peaks reaching for an untouchable sky, endless evergreens peaking out of the ever-present fog, vastness and dramatic skies all in a symphony of magnificence.

At night the Milky Way leads to a path of discovery, of wonder, of deep exploration of image capture capabilities. In one of these amazing whims of nature, I witnessed the most spectacular display of the northern lights ever. Aurora swinging her magnificent emerald skirt in the star studded sky while Patricia reflected the spectacle in its ripple-free surface. A sight for history, and a reassurance of nature’s spontaneity.

In these latitudes, the only constant is change. I experienced subzero snowstorms to 70 degree days with not a cloud in the sky. Every single item in weather’s catalog was displayed, every season experienced.

I feel there is so much more to explore and discover in these remote parts of the planet. But that is the beauty of what I do, I can always return and be surprised by the Canadian Rockies.

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