Storm Chasing in the Beehive State

A lot of people ask me, why Utah in the middle of the summer; unbearably high temperatures, extremely long days and thousands of tourists; the answer: insanely dramatic weather. There are several considerations when we work in the high desert this time of year. Obviously we come for the dramatic cloudy skies, but also for the magnificent for Milky Way. To photograph our galaxy we need several things to happen; no moon, no light contamination, mid summer and most important, NO CLOUDS. Now remember what I said before, “Utah in the summer means cloudy dramatic skies”.

Photographing in the “Beehive State”during this season becomes a routine of following the weather, locating and chasing storms and then hoping for them to vanish by 11pm. You need to muster every single app ever developed to formulate a shooting strategy and a game plan. Most of the time we end up changing the shoots, running from one location to another and hoping for Mother Nature to put on a spectacle. The 2ams and solitude of the parks nourish your soul.

Nothing in these trips happens by chance; there is a LOT of planning involved but also there is the element of luck and the ability to react in a matter of seconds to the situation that evolves in front of you. All in all, as you will see in the images, it worked wonderfully and we had an AMAZING 10 day adventure. Trust me, we were lucky this season, I have been in this area without a single cloud for two long weeks, and it is AWFUL.

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