I love the gathering of the 3am classroom as we embark on the endless quest for the perfect Milky Way image and wait for the fleeting pre-dawn colors that illuminate the sky. At those early hours we own the park, not a soul in sight other than local residents. Moose, elks, bison and an occasional bear pay a visit as peace and solitude cast a spell over the impending morning.

As with every year, Tetons and Yellowstone react to weathers’ whims as commanded by nature. First week of May, and snow still dominates the landscape; frozen lakes, afternoon storms and the softness of the morning fog, throw a curve at your creativity and imagination. It is always a challenge to capture what I see and feel but I would rather deal with wilderness’ impulses as they evolve than sitting on a computer creating what never existed.

The morning of May 5, 2017 will always be on my mind as one of the most amazing dawns I have witnessed. The ever-changing fog adorning row upon row of endless trees that have succumbed to the forces of nature. Golden light filtering trough the veil of mist like a kaleidoscope of colors and moments. I could not react fast enough to these seconds greatness. Yellowstone is and will continue to be my favorite spot in the United States, a place that will cast a spell over your senses and make you dream of the next image to be created among its boundaries.

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