The Price of War, The Struggle For Peace, Sudan

The United Nations commissioned the images in this book with a simple set of instructions to the photographer:  “travel to all corners of this country and in three weeks portray the price of war and the gift of peace.” One of the biggest challenges faced was how restricted photography is in Sudan, not to mention that every region has their own set of rules when it comes to photographers.

When arriving at each community, many scenes that would have easily scared off the masses flared up. Years of war have left deep scars in people’s confidence, resulting in citizens questioning and wondering what our mission was. Just telling the people the terms of reference of the project, was enough to transform the situation.  “I have been requested to take pictures of what the price of war has been for you.” Suddenly doors opened and smiles in war-riddle faces surfaced. They wanted to show us everything and insisted on more pictures being taken.