66 Miles on 66°North The Icelandic Highlands

On our maiden voyage to Iceland’s highlands, we hiked 66 miles on latitude 66°N, the border of the Arctic Circle. We climbed mountains, descended into deep craters and endured endless rain while relentless winds pounded our bodies. In this land weather dictates creativity, but warning, good weather will ruin pictures.

We travelled far and wide into the heart of the realm of the Norse, not being in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of everywhere. When Mother Nature shaped Iceland, she was in a mood, mustering all her forces to form this chaotic landscape; wind, fire and water orchestrating creation.

Mountains of green carved by streams of white forming miles after miles of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Volcanoes in a never-ending mission of creation, glaciers of blue carving majestic peaks at will and black beaches lined up with diamonds in the rough shaped by angry seas.

Endless horizons of Lupines adorned by the birds of Iceland’s summer. THIS IS NATURE ON STEROIDS. Iceland has no beginning or end, you will never get tired of traveling, revisiting places or like in this case, exploring new horizons. No matter how many times you walk its paths, amazement lurks just around the corner.

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