A trip to Olympic National Park is a journey through five distinct and vastly different eco-systems. From alpine to costal, nature thrives in these latitudes.

Up in the mountains, the morning fog caresses the trees in a never-ending ritual of life giving moist. The romance between mist and Spruce lights up the slopes. In the distance, far away peaks serve as the perfect background for the inquisitive eye.

Further down, in the forest, rain never lets go of its grip. Sunshine is at a premium and light scarce and fleeting. Every corner of this realm is full of slow-running creeks that serve as veins to this gigantic organism. The choirs of heavenly birds break quietness and solitude. Towering Spruces guard nature’s sacred ground while Big Leaf Maples shrouded in curtains of moss, grow amongst blankets of ferns. Life is in abundance and it blooms in force all around you.

The coastal waters are the domains of small islands studded with unreachable solitary trees. Line after line of relentless waves cast reflections of glory and color. Glasses of sand and water serve as mirrors for sun, moon and clouds  Row upon row of old logs line the beaches, fallen warriors from weather’s battles.

Mother Nature will surprise you, no matter how many times you have walked these paths; every turn will be different, every sunrise and sunset a surprise. Never take wilderness for granted, nature will throw a curve every time and you must understand, respect and embrace what she is telling you.

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