It’s always hard to write about a place where you have been so many times, but the fact that Iceland is my favorite photography playground in the world makes it easier. A few weeks ago, I completed my latest “around the island” photography workshop. Every time I travel to this land, surprises abound. The light in the fall is soft and with a particular glow. When people tell me about traveling to remote places to see nature in all its glory, I tell them, “Go to Iceland, it has any and everything, all in one small island, and way closer than any other place.”

Here glaciers flourish, including the biggest icecap in Europe. Waterfalls adorn every corner, featuring Dettifoss, by volume the most powerful waterfall in Europe, and Godafoss or “waterfall of the gods.” Magnificent valleys of lava and moss adorn the entire route; while glacier lagoons, rugged coastlines and the stunning black beach with icebergs gently landing on its shore provide a plethora of subjects for the most demanding of image-makers.

The trip around Iceland takes 10 days, and within that period we have countless shoots, hikes and above all, fun. Fjord after fjord of incredible landscape and breathtaking sights where every turn holds a “wow.” This year, the elusive “aurora” adorned two of our cold nights.

Beauty abound in this, the land of the Norse, their “sagas” linger in the air creating movie-like mysticism. I love this land, which is why we will start offering trips to the highlands in 2017 and in the winter in 2018. We will continue our “fall saga” as we have done for the last 5 years. Hope you can join us in one of our adventures to the realm of the Vikings.


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